Hello World

Programming your first line of code to print the String "Hello World!"
Programming your first line of code to print the String “Hello World!”

For those who may not be aware, ‘Hello World’ is the first program you write when learning to code a language for the first time. ‘Hello World’ gets your foot in the door and keeps it propped open for all the intricacies flying in the door. ‘Hello World’ is making your first jump shot, acing your first test (that you actually studied for), with all the new feelings involved with, “Alright, so what’s next?”. The hello is for any and all willing to spend the time reading. The world is the content we consume and then are consumed by. Hello world. Hello and stay tuned for tutorials based on technology, computers, innovation, more or less anything needing to be simplified for us common folks, who just don’t understand the first time around. My prerogative is not only establishing a connection with you, but providing you with further detailed explanations behind topics or subjects you feel you already know everything about. Maybe it’s a topic you purposely don’t look at, or a subject you are hesitant to read or learn about, as with the world, I am growing to enjoy the art of teaching society, with no expectations. Hello World and stay tuned!

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My name is Bryan Angel with a passion for the Internet, new technological advancement, and information technology. Ask to know more about me! #theangeltech

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